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About The Self Family 

Matt and Joanna Self met in a band with Joanna's Dad, Donnie Cornutt. They've been married for 25 years and their love of music is what brought them together. It should be no surprise that they've since raised a beautiful and uniquely talented musical family comprising of four children, The Self Family Band. They're all amazing lead and harmony singers, write some of the most beautiful songs you'll ever hear, and to hear their voices together is absolutely moving. Their harmonies will stop anyone in their tracks and rightly so. Matt also plays guitar, Joanna plays Stand-Up Bass


The oldest of their children, Samuel Self sings and plays Lead Guitar. He resides in Midland, Tx. with his wife Rivers and son Slaid. Lori Self is the oldest daughter and is also an outstanding photographer and hair stylist. Her work is featured on The Self Family website and upcoming CD. Sadie Self is 18, sings and plays Stand-Up Bass and Guitar, and writes most of the band's songs. Her passions are writing and producing her original music. Maura is 15 years old, sings, is quite a talented artist and writes amazing songs as well. 


 The Self Family Band has been performing together for many years and are known for their powerful, rich family harmonies. Based out of Abilene, they perform their incredible original music and favorite cover songs all over the state. Their versatile repertoire covers many genres including Americana, Western music, Folk and Classic Country. 


 They have recently released their debut album with the assistance of their producer, friend and mentor, Bobby Flores. With new music constantly being written, rest assured we will all be blessed with more to come from this new and incredibly talented family band. 

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